We have consolidated our online training offer into easy to understand packages that give your shop the training content they need to grow their skills. We will be updating this page in the very near future so please visit often for updates.

Package #Description
SVAOLTAccess to all CTI+WTI online content. Includes 168 interactive technical and 13 ASE Test Prep courses
and 20 Practical Application Simulations. In total over 600 hours of content.
$45.00 monthly
SVVILTAccess to 87 Service Sales Academy online video courses focused on selling service and customer satisfaction.
$139.00 monthly
SVAVIAAAccess to all 176 AVI Video courses including 14 ASE Test Prep courses.
$99.00 per month or
$995.00 per year
2020DADEAnnual training for qualifying Miami Dade County Florida mechanics and paint / body technicians
as specified by the Miami Dade County Vehicle Ordnance.
$149.00 one time fee
SVAVIASEAccess to AVI Video ASE Test Prep courses for the entire shop for one year.
$499.00 one time fee
TFI2019Transformers Online Build Your Business 12-month video program. Contains 107 video courses
designed to prepare you to expand your operations through acquisition or greenfield locations
Transformers Institute Brochures
Promotional Video
$297.00 per month
with 12 month term