CTI Hands-on Training is our newest technical training program with scheduled classes throughout the 2012 calendar year. We have taken our most popular classes offered in our CTI training regions and modified them to be presented in a hands-on format. The main purpose of the classes is to provide the opportunity for student to enhance their knowledge of the diagnostic techniques learned from our minds-on CTI training, and add hands-on experience to enhance their skills and productivity.

Classes will be scheduled on Saturdays from 8:00AM to 5:00PM. Students are encouraged to bring their own diagnostic equipment such as lab scopes, scan tools, digital multi-meters, etc. CTI provides the instructor with an instructor tool kit containing basic hand tools, additional lab scopes, scan tools, multi-meters, pressure transducers, jumpers, etc. for use during the class, and to give the students the opportunity to experience a variety of test equipment during the course of the class.

The  price for each hands-on class is $399.00 per person for CTI and TechNet members and $449.00 for non CTI/TechNet members.

Enrollment Requirements:
Class size will be limited to TEN technicians. CTI will allow two additional seats on a case by case basis but will not allow more than twelve total.

Example Class Overview (HOT-513)

  • Review cylinder pressure waveforms
  • Cover scope set up and connection
  • Perform scope connection
  • Display running compression pattern live
  • Capture and store running compression pressure pattern
  • Zoom in and out on different parts of a captured pattern
  • Make comparisons from two captured patterns
  • Use cursors to measure TDC to TDC
  • Calculate Deg to ms or (time) calculations
  • Measure both intake and exhaust timing
  • Perform bank to bank comparison of timing on VVT engine
  • Using cursors to measure peaks for slant (leaning towers)
  • Identify slant in towers and determine diagnostic direction
  • Discuss capture analysis software and demonstrate
  • Capture snapshot of snap throttle for exhaust back pressure
  • Capture cranking compression
  • Analyze timing of cranking compression and discuss the differences of cranking patterns
  • Perform ignition timing advance check
  • Additional Tasks:
    • Exhaust back pressure
    • Misfire capture
    • Capture intake manifold pressure pattern


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At CTI, we’re proud to have 93 percent of our staff ASE Certified Master Technicians, with Advanced Level L1 certification. Additionally, CARQUEST mandates that each instructor complete rigorous Train-the-Trainer and Certification programs for each course, while demonstrating real, hands-on knowledge, using all CTI procedures and diagnostic techniques.

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