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CTI is now offering the following courses in the 2016 regular season lineup

NVT-2016-4        New Vehicle Technologies - 2016 Edition-  4 Hours                                                  

Passenger vehicles become increasingly more advanced year after year. Driven by more stringent fuel economy and emissions standards, vehicle manufacturers are expanding their use of new technologies throughout the entire vehicle. However, many of the sophisticated systems found on new vehicles is not entirely new. Vehicle manufacturers are also advancing existing technologies, as well as resurrecting older technologies that were once believed to be ahead of their time. Regardless of the system or the technology used, each of these advancements directly impacts the way we service our customers’ vehicles. This informative course is intended for all service personnel, technicians, shop owners, service advisors and service managers.


ATV-5201-8       Advanced Technology Vehicles: Diagnosing Hybrid Battery Pack Systems - 8 Hours

This course focuses on the operation, diagnosis and repair of hybrid battery pack systems in conventional hybrids; in other words, non-plug-in hybrids. Over the next few years, the average shop is likely to see the older and more common hybrids: Gen I and II Toyota Prius, to a lesser extent, Honda Civic and Insight hybrids, and Ford Escape and Fusion hybrids, particularly for issues related to hybrid battery packs. Emphasis will be placed on component operation and tests, scan tool diagnostics and replacement procedures.


EET-3503-4 and EET-3503-8      Effective Electrical Troubleshooting: Practical Application of OE Wiring Schematics - 4 Hour and 8 Hour versions available

When a simplified wiring schematic does not provide the necessary diagnostic information, access to the added features of OE wiring diagrams can help save valuable diagnostic time. Learn how to access wiring information directly from the vehicle manufacturer, as well as through aftermarket information systems. Added features include web-based hyperlinks to connector views and component locations, photographs to help identify components and automatic links to associated diagrams. This course demonstrates how to use these added features to effectively diagnose circuit problems and explore the unique formats of each OE’s schematics system. Technicians will see advanced testing techniques applied to specific vehicle problems and participate during in-class diagnostic challenges.


 VFL-1030-4       Vehicle Fluids: Lubricant & Filtration Technologies - 4 Hours

Students attending this class will actively use provided worksheets and other support material to understand modern lubricants and filtration technologies. We will discuss advanced gasoline engine technologies which rely on proper OE oil formulations to work properly. We will examine the choices the consumer has with choosing the correct oil and filter media for their vehicles, so we can protect their powertrain warranty. Additionally, we will explore laboratory analysis of oils to fully understand what occurs to the oil in its useful life and how much life is left in it at the drain interval. The material presented in this class will enable today’s technician to understand why oil is an engineered part of a more complex drivetrain.


GDI-4203-4         Gasoline Direct Injection: Analytic Test Drive Analysis - 4 Hours

A test drive is not intended to isolate faults which may be causing a symptom or concern. The purpose of an analytic test drive is simply to gather information. Then once the information you have gathered has been analyzed, you can determine the proper test or tests to perform in order to narrow down the problem to a vehicle system or subsystem and eventually diagnose the root cause of a problem accurately. This class will examine several examples of captured scan data from GDI vehicles. This data will quickly assess the condition of the engine management system, verify correct operation, or find clues that will direct intrusive pinpoint tests efficiently. Whether the problem is DTC driven or symptom driven, a repeatable test drive cycle will determine if the root cause is air (VE) related, fuel related, or adaptive related.


LDD-3005-4        Light Duty Diesel: Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems - 4 Hours

Since 2007, all light duty diesel vehicles sold in the United States are equipped with an exhaust aftertreatment system of some type. Those technologies can include diesel oxidation catalysts, NOx catalysts, diesel particulate filters, selective catalyst reduction using diesel emissions fluids, or any combination of these subsystems. This class will present the operation and design of these complex systems along with techniques for effective diagnosis. Skills and knowledge from this class cannot only be applied to today’s pickups and vans, but also diesel equipped cars.



CTI curriculum ranges from foundations of operation to cutting-edge diagnostic techniques. We cover everything from core automotive systems to diagnostics to specific vehicle platforms to new technologies. We also offer courses in sales and business management. We are constantly adding new and upgraded courses. Each one is designed to enable you to become efficient in new skills.

CTI curriculum includes many courses covering the following topics:

  • Core Automotive Systems
  • Foundational  Diagnosis
  • OBD-II Diagnosis
  • Advanced Diagnosis
  • System Specific
  • New Technologies
  • Technician Productivity
  • Business Management and Sales

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