Today, vehicle maintenance and repair is more complex than ever. Sophisticated computerized systems,hybrids, AND the demand for fuel efficiency, safety, performance and reliability are driving the evolution of more complex technologies. These new technologies in turn make it more important than ever to make sure that you can respond with the latest skills and techniques. In this rapidly changing and fiercely competitive world, knowledge and sound technical skills are often the best competitive advantage of all.

Started in 1999, CARQUEST Technical Institute (CTI) focuses on one simple mission: to conduct world-class training for professional technicians aND automotive service facility owners and managers. This comprehensive program is designed to improve your ability to manage your business as well as service, diagnose and repair today’s vehicles productively and profitably. It also creates a positive learning experience while adhering to the ASE CASE certification activity standards.

Businesses that invest in the education of their employees...
Outperform their markets by 42%.
— American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) Study

CARQUEST Technical Institute (CTI) offers our valued customers the tools to stay ahead of an increasingly competitive and fast-changing marketplace. It is a marketplace that is constantly offering new challenges and introducing new technologies. The CTI staff works with businesses to provide value-added programs and training to help your employees learn new skills and enable you to improve your capacity and build your business. CARQUEST Technical Institute (CTI) provides an industry-leading education in technical and business management for:

  • Service facility owners
  • Shop managers
  • Service consultants
  • Professional technicians

Since 1999, we have delivered over two million hours of training to more than 40,000 technicians across the country. Our focus is up-to-date skills improvement — whether you are a shop owner, manager, service consultant or a professional technician. CTI instructors have over 350 ASE certifications and understand the technical skills required to be productive and profitable. They are dedicated to delivering challenging yet engaging courses that provide the latest technical information and instruction on state-of-the-art skills.

Why Training Is Smart Business

  • Customers expect your facilities, services and professional staff to operate with the latest products, technologies and diagnostic skills. In today’s competitive marketplace, the businesses and technicians that succeed will be the ones who maintain their skills and commitment to excellence.
  • The more skillful and up to date your staff is, the more productive your entire operation will be. From more efficient diagnostic-based decisions to effective business management, the right training can help your organization operate more profitably.
  • Recruiting and retaining well-trained technicians is a lot easier when they know you are willing to continually invest in improving their skills while providing opportunities for growth.

Research & Development — New Technologies
Our new Research & Development Center provides the cutting-edge environment for studying advancements in automotive engineering, equipment and diagnostic techniques. The fully equipped center provides CARQUEST the ability to access an unbiased evaluation of diagnostic and service tools and equipment. All CTI curricula are validated at the center, ensuring quality and accuracy. The center also serves as a video studio for CTI Webcasts.

Conducting a Performance Gap Analysis
Before delivering any training program, we offer to conduct a “Performance Gap Analysis.” This research is designed to accurately measure the gap between your team’s current performance and their optimum potential performance and then identify solutions that will help them get there. The process helps us define your business goals accurately, assess the capabilities of your team and then process and identify solutions that will close the gap between where you are and where you need to be. Our staff can provide on-site visits to observe the current state of performance in your business. This facility audit identifies actual processes, which are then compared to your defined company goals. A thorough assessment of current skill sets and personnel enables us to develop an effective training plan that will address your current and future needs.

The CARQUEST Technical Institute Training Approach
CTI offers training in a variety of flexible learning formats, including classroom, e-learning and self-paced courses. We also recognize the industry is constantly changing and that new products and services are being introduced all the time. This is why CTI offers a number of tools to extend the learning beyond the classroom. The CTI approach involves a dynamic combination of both theoretical, classroom-based instruction and real world experience that enables participants to discover the best way to apply theory to their own day-to-day work environment.

CARQUEST Technical Institute’s MINDS-ON TRAINING™ is instructor-led training that helps participants learn to solve both simple and complex technical problems. With this training, participants will experience virtual reality on-screen — the same visual conditions that would be seen on the actual problem vehicle in their bay. Led by expert technicians with years of field experience, each participant will work to solve the challenges of case studies of real-world problem vehicles by analyzing recorded virtual data, animated waveforms and service information. These exercises ensure participants will be able to effectively retain and apply their new-found skills and reach effective solutions.

CTI webcasts provide a convenient method of attending focused live training sessions via the Internet.
Participants who log in to a session will be able to view a live, instructor-led session focused on demonstrating service and diagnostic skills on real vehicles. Each participant will be able to interact with the instructor as well as access a recording of the session at a later date.

CTI Business Education
Mastery of the latest technical skills is critical to your success. So are the disciplines of good business management. With the highly competitive and complex automotive service industry, it is critical for any service facility to have systems in place that properly maximize each sales and service opportunity. CTI Business Education programs are designed to help you make the most of every sales opportunity and improve profitability.

Business Management Training
The Business Management Training program consists of concentrated management training courses.
Topics include:

  • Maximizing Your Labor Opportunity – Learn to measure, manage and maximize your daily workflow opportunities.
  • Advanced Workflow Systems – Improve your understanding and skills to better manage your facility’s available time.
  • Targeting Lifelong Maintenance Customers – Enhance your profitability by building a bigger base of repeat customers for Preventive and Scheduled Maintenance services.
  • Employees: Recruit, Train and Compensate the Best – Learn to attract and retain the key people your business reputation depends on. Improve the quality of your staff and the work they perform.
  • Realizing the Goal: Your Business Plan – A step in the process is developing a functional Business Operating Plan. This ensures that you and your staff understand and implement your strategies on a consistent basis.

Sales Training
CARQUEST Action Selling™ is focused on the service consultant. It is a concentrated, seven-month program that uses proven selling and customer-relations skills. Following an online benchmark assessment, service consultants will attend a two-day, off-site, instructor-led program. This will be followed by six monthly conference calls — “Skill Drills” with the instructor. The purpose is to provide coaching to put the CARQUEST Action Selling process into action. Your service consultants will then take an online assessment. Upon successful completion, they will then become certified. Our CARQUEST Action Selling program will dramatically and positively impact the bottom line of your service facility.

Leadership Challenge
The CARQUEST Leadership Challenge gives you four days of off-site training (in two sessions) focused on developing your leadership skills to take your business to the next level. The two sessions are separated by a six-week break, during which your team will complete a project to apply what you have learned in Session 1. Many service facility owners haven’t had the training necessary to develop managerial tasks and business planning. The Leadership Challenge provides you with this training and allows you to grow and manage your business effectively.

Performance Teams
The Performance Team groups participating members into teams of 20. This provides the ultimate coaching program. Each Performance Team meets twice a year off-site. These teams are also coached on a monthly basis by their CTI Business Analyst. By sharing the concepts of their individual business plans and best practices with the group, team members learn from the successes of their peers and grow their businesses to new heights.

CARQUEST Consultation Services
With so many influences affecting the automotive service industry today, you can take advantage of our special consultation services designed to drive positive growth for your business.
Our consultants will first develop a facility audit. From there, a comprehensive report on the business’s strengths and weaknesses is created. The consultant then collaborates with you to determine what recommendations will make the biggest impact on improving your business.

Our consultation services include:

  • Inventory Assessment
  • Workflow Assessment
  • Communication Systems and Procedure
  • Repair Order Analysis
  • Facility Layout Assessment
  • Process Evaluation: Measuring Return on Investment and Return on Effort

In addition, our consultants can provide on-site coaching for anyone on your staff:

  • Technicians
  • Service Consultants
  • Service Managers

Keeping Up with the Latest Information and Technology

CARQUEST Direct-Hit™
CARQUEST Direct-Hit is an online technical assistance program created to support you beyond the classroom. It provides you with access to information when faced with tough technical challenges. Direct-Hit consolidates a multitude of service information resources onto one screen that allows you to find a solution more efficiently and accurately. These resources include technical service bulletins, recalls, technical hotline confirmed fixes, reliability reports and preventive maintenance solutions.

New challenges.
New technologies.
New skills.

Stay Ahead of Change with CARQUEST Technical Institute

The right people with the right knowledge can make all the difference. Make sure your team is ahead of the learning curve. CTI can help you stay on top of the latest technologies, identify new opportunities and make sure your staff has mastered the latest skills needed to help your operation to be more profitable.

ASE certified sm

At CTI, we’re proud to have 93 percent of our staff ASE Certified Master Technicians, with Advanced Level L1 certification. Additionally, CARQUEST mandates that each instructor complete rigorous Train-the-Trainer and Certification programs for each course, while demonstrating real, hands-on knowledge, using all CTI procedures and diagnostic techniques.

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CARQUEST works in close partnership with many major automotive suppliers and manufacturers and provides products that meet or exceed original-equipment (OE) specifications and performance.


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More than 9,200 auto service locations in the U.S. and Canada committed to serving customers with professional automotive repair at a reasonable cost.


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The CARQUEST Tool & Equipment catalog is published quarterly and features the latest tools and equipment, available from your CARQUEST Auto Parts store.



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