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Dear Steve,
I want to take this time to thank you for all you do for our industry. The value of your classes to myself and my technicians is really impossible to measure. It is an essential tool just as important as the equipment that we use daily to repair and diagnose the vehicles that come into our shop.
We have other programs that we have attended through out the years of our business and none of them come even close to the abilities and content that is taught in the classes we have attended with CTI. Your ability to break it down to the people in your class, so that everyone there understands and get something to use in their own shop, is wonderful. When we leave your class we have the understanding and the ability to use it in our daily lives as technicians and service facilities. Your training helps fill in the gaps, or blanks so to speak. We may have had similar situations and found the correct fixes to them, but you help us understand the WHY, it broke or failed. And in turn helps us to explain it more clearly and confidently to the consumer.
Thank you again for all you do.
Kathy Lee Senft
A-1 Auto Service Inc.



Auto Spot

To Whom It May Concern:

I have attended many training courses during the 22 years of my automotive technician career. None of the other courses can be compared to the CTI courses. I have attended all of the CTI courses in Jacksonville, FL in 2008, 2009 and will be at all of the 2010 courses. The majority of courses offered in this area are sales seminars or the material is too basic. Anyone can look up theory and operation of most systems, subsystems and parts of a vehicle, but with what I have learned in the CTI courses, I now use a more efficient diagnostic routine. This has reduced the time it takes to diagnose most vehicles and increased my production. It’s nice to learn something useful instead of just how or why “this part does that” or “you need to buy one of these because we sell them”. I like how the CTI courses are laid out. They start with the basics, teach us how to diagnose and then the case studies help me take it to work the next day. The course structure allows the less experienced tech to not feel lost and the seasoned tech won’t be falling asleep. I always recommend these courses to every technician I talk to.

Jimmy Himes
ASE certified master auto technician
The Auto Spot Goodyear



Brazzeal's Tire & Service Center

I wanted to thank you for all of your training and support that we have received over the last several years. We find your CTI program to be the best training program available in the market. Your
program has the most hands on, real life training applications that we have seen. Many other training courses we attend tend to focus on vehicle speclfic concerns, but aren't as Comprehensive or in depth as your training courses are. We really like the fact that you have customized the courses to meet our technical abilities and focus on the areas that we feel are most in demand.

As the manager of our store, I always request feedback from our guys after they attend any training courses. When I speak with them after your class, I can see that they have learned something new and have a greater awareness and confidence of the complicated technical world they work in. To me that says a lot.

We look forward to continuing our relationship and continuing to learn and grow in this ever changing business.

Thank you,
Chris Brazzeal



Masons Automotive Repair

My fellow shop owners and technicians,

The decision whether to attend CTI classes is really a no brainer. Do not stand there and say I can’t afford to train myself and my technicians. If you plan on keeping your business and or working in this business you MUST make training one of your top priorities. I feel that training is even more important than having new updated equipment. If you don’t know how to use and what your equipment is telling you what’s the point of having it.

CTI in my opinion is a very affordable way to keep up with today’s and tomorrows technology without going broke. The instructors are top notch, do they know everything? No, but every class that I have attended I have improved my skills as a tech and shop owner.

Thank You,
Bruce Mason
Master ASE Tech



First Class Automotive

Dear Sir or Madam:

Subject: Steve Evanoff - CTI instructor

I am honored to write this letter of recommendation for Steve Evanoff, a talented CTI instructor. The classes taught by Steve have been truly beneficial to myself as an owner/operator as well as my staff at First Class Automotive in Orlando, Florida. I could not imagine continuing business without his expert training sessions.

Steve is very knowledgeable and personable and has always made himself available to answer questions. He has not only increased the product knowledge of our staff but also has given our technicians the knowledge to make better use of our equipment. This knowledge has increased productivity and helps us save time on problem-solving.

Nabil Armaly



To whom it may concern...



My name is James Desruisseaux and I just wanted to take the time to express my thoughts and appreciation with regards to the automotive training programs that I have attended provided by CARQUEST/CTi and Mr. Steve Evanoff the trainer.

I have been in the automotive repair business now for the better part of 26 years in varying capacities and I am currently employed as a Master Technician at Southwest Florida Water Management. I have achieved the Master Technician status with ASE certifications in all of the Auto and Medium/Heavy Duty truck areas.

The training I received as a student 22 years ago relates today to how I try to stay up to date with the ever changing technology of the industry.

During my schooling we studied the industry in two ways. 1st was to understand the theory of what you are trying to fix, and the 2nd way was to apply the theory to real world repair situations. This would oscillate every two weeks to keep it all fresh. This relationship of theory and repair is very effective.

No technician, in my opinion can be effective at repairs or diagnostics in a timely, cost effective fashion if he or she has no concept of how the system or component works normally.

The training that CARQUEST CTI and Steve Evanoff provide sheds light on this concept making the learning a bit more fun and real. His knowledge of these systems, and experience with real world repairs helps tremendously when conveying how and why to think outside the box. We have all got caught up in been there done that repair, until you assume that repair will be like all the rest just because the symptoms were the same. But what do you do when you have assumed it would work and it doesn't? This is where technician training, knowledge, and experience become a valuable asset. Anyone can change parts, but technicians diagnose and repair them. CTI training has taught me multiple things not with just how to fix issues, but why the repair did not fix the original concern. Theory in all of the classes carries over to all aspects of every repair I do from the simpler things to the more complex issues requiring labscope diagnosis and computer communication diagnostics.

CARQUEST/ CTI and Steve Evanoff have provided a way for me to learn and find these ways to be more proficient at what I do. This is a great benefit to employers and technicians in multiple ways. The company profits because the repairs are completed quicker with less comebacks making the technician more productive and ensuring customer satisfaction, and the technician benefits with less time struggling to diagnose the car, is less stressed, and is rewarded with personal satisfaction knowing his skills and knowledge is what accomplished this.

I have sought out as much training as I can find time for, and it has not been all that easy to locate. The industry, has not in my opinion, provided an avenue for technicians to further their abilities and skills outside their normal schooling effectively. CARQUEST/ CTI and Steve Evanoff have provided training at a fair price for me to learn and be more proficient at what I do.

A technician with the biggest tool box is not what fixes the car or truck, the knowledge of how to fix it, and having the right tools to fix the car or truck is what makes it somewhat easier.

The knowledge that I have now, and that I will learn in the future, is by far the best tool that I have and own.

Thanks for your time,
James Desruisseaux
ASE Master Auto Technician
ASE Master Medium Heavy Truck Technician



Twin Cities Auto Service


Topic: CTI training

I have been an automotive technician for more than 25 years and have worked at the same business the same amount of time. The business is located in the Panhandle of Florida. Snap-On and NAPA both have given the area some automotive diagnostic training; but their classes are no where near the quality that CTI has to offer.

CTI has been in this area since last year. What I like is the continuing classes offered every other month; whereas the others offer a class maybe once a year. Also, the students are given their choice of classes that they would like to have the following year. Our current CTI instructor, Steve Evanoff, is very knowledgeable and is open to questions both in class and during his time away from this area.

Probably the most important aspect of CTI compared to other diagnostic classes is the way the students are taught to reason out a problem. We are taught to think how the PCM performs its duties. Furthermore, we are taught techniques to streamline our diagnostics which, in turn, shortens time spent troubleshooting. This leads to more shop-time repairing vehicles instead of troubleshooting them.

In conclusion, CTI is a valuable asset to our part of the Country. This is something the area needed 20 years ago. With today's vehicles becoming more complex, continuing education is the key to success. Carquest and CTI are a winning combination for the automotive technician.

Robert Maffei





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At CTI, we’re proud to have 93 percent of our staff ASE Certified Master Technicians, with Advanced Level L1 certification. Additionally, CARQUEST mandates that each instructor complete rigorous Train-the-Trainer and Certification programs for each course, while demonstrating real, hands-on knowledge, using all CTI procedures and diagnostic techniques.

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